Video ED

Preventing and managing common complications in DMEK

Date: 2018/28/09

Description: Although the advantages of DMEK over DSAEK have been well established, there has been a slow adoption of DMEK.

Step-by-step DMEK

Date: 2018/29/08

Description: Step-by-step DMEK

DSAEK Complications and Outcomes

Date: 2018/30/07

Description: The number of endothelial keratoplasties performed continues to grow each year, with DSAEK comprising the majority of these cases.

Step-by-step DSAEK

Speakers: Shahzad Mian, MD

Date: 2018/29/06

Description: Step-by-step DSAEK

Corneal Considerations in Cataract Surgery

Speakers: Marian Macsai, MD

Date: 2018/07/05

Description: Corneal Considerations in Cataract Surgery